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Leiden at Night

Congratulations, special agent!

Homeland Insecurity is the heroic tale of teens armed with skills born from their childhood dreams to battle an enemy who's not above hurting kids to get what they want.

Secret agents are all Jack and his friends ever wanted to be. Spy adventures were the movies they watched, the books they read, even the games they played.

Playtime is over!


Kelly, a political refugee and freind of Jack's sister, is targeted for revenge by the man her father sent to prison. Armed with nothing but heroic courage and skills born from their childhood dreams, Jack and his friends fight a battle against an enemy who uses fear, torture and murder to get what they want. If they are to survive, they must work together.


"Begs to be made into an action movie. Couldn't put it down." - James

Homeland Insecurity Releases
June 4, 2024

Make sure you pre-order your signed copy.

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