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A Good Blogger's Review Of A Good Girl's Guide To Murder

This review appeared in my May Newsletter. June's edition coming soon.

I admit I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about starting this book. Following the adventures of a teen aged girl as she thumbed her nose at the “establishment” just didn’t appeal to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Early on I discovered that Pip isn’t an angst consumed, misunderstood teen with a chip on her shoulder at all. She is, in fact, a good girl.

Mysteries have always been at the center of my reading fare and I have to say this one is wonderfully done. Clues are shared with the reader as they are discovered, allowing us to sleuth right alongside Pip. Refreshingly, there is no secret bombshell that only Pip knew and reveals at the final sum-up.

The book contains some underage drinking, drug abuse, sexualized social media use, and a few other unsavory behaviors younger readers might not be prepared to put into appropriate context. Older teens will probably have encountered most these themes and know the damage these behaviors inflict. Also, the language isn’t G-Rated throughout. The characters drop a few F-bombs and other colorful adjectives.

Now that you know what to expect, ENJOY!

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